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How To Make Tracks Stand Out In A Mix - Ableton Live 

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Sidechain compression tutorial with downloadable set to practice on,

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This post will just be me venting about Ultra. I just need to get my thoughts down.

Individually I love all genres of EDM, but I fucking HATE when every song an artist plays sounds the same (i’m looking at you big room house/ dubstep/ trap artists… don’t even get me started on trap…) Im listening to a dubstep artist right now and every song has several sounds or techniques that i’ve heard in MANY MANY other dubstep tracks. Ive even tried secluding myself from dubstep for the past year and am still hearing the same old stuff I was hearing years ago. Im missing that pre-Skrillex dubstep now. 

This goes DOUBLE for every big room house artist im hearing. Almost every buildup and every drop sound so similar it just disgusts me. Even Wolfgang Gartner (who I have huge respect for) said something to a similar degree that songs are just so predictable and are getting boring to listen to on the Beatport top lists. They have the same drops and same buildups in every song. snare_snare_snare_snare_Snaresnaresnaresnare SNRSNRSRNSNRSNRSNR…<HOOK SOUND>… Drop

Im disgusted where EDM is going. I feel that artists are catering too much to their listeners and not thinking creatively as artists to develop new and interesting sounds or melodies. Even if this is not true then shame on every producer who willingly sounds the same as every other artist just to make it in the industry.

Im positive if I were at Ultra I would be going nuts to this stuff just like everyone else despite the song choices. I know this is only day 1 of ultra but looking at the lineup I really hope I don’t have this same disgusting taste in my mouth by the end of it all.

Thankfully by the end of writing this i’ve heard an abundance of new and amazing sounds so not all hope is lost, but I expected more from those who are supposed to be top producers and DJs

Does anyone agree or at least hear what i’m talking about? What are your thoughts?

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Arturia Minibrute Analog Synthesizer Demonstration

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